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The kingdom of love, joy and peace is the gift, Nityaprerana gives us. It teaches us that many, who have achieved success in life, are not those with very remarkable gifts. What is remarkable in them, is their singleness of purpose and their willing sacrifice of even the ordinary comforts of life. The teaching, here, are not intellectual gymnastics. They appeal to the deeper reaches of the human personality. They appeal to the sub-conscious and super-conscious mind and the emotions and the heart. This volume of reversed Guruji's perceptions, is a great teacher of humanity. It is a good source of strength and inspiration to all of us. 

The main principles and thoughts underlying this book are as under :

  • Out Mother Land
  • Grand Glory : Reason of aggression
  • Repercussion of self-forgetting
  • Devices for self realization
  • Nature of Educational system
  • Structure of the Society
  • Formation of National Character
  • Need of Integrated Government
  • Concept of highest glorification
  • Contribution of National Heroes
  • Indian Philosophy and the World
  • Hindu Culture and World well being

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