Predicament Of Minorities In Pakistan

Predicament Of Minorities In Pakistan

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One of the quintessential functions of a modern state is to foster the multi-faceted development of all its citizens. Every since M. A. Jinnah converted this once great land of ancient, composite culture into a separate Nation out of an undivided secular India, self-styled radical Islamist have been on the ascent in the Islamic state of  Pakistan. Hell-bent on creating an order of feudalism and irrationality based on the fanatic wahhabi-deobandi version of Islam., these obscurantist  reactionary  forces have increasingly prevailed upon the State to resort to such policies to make the lives of people of all other faiths and values miserable in the land. In the process the plight of its citizens in general and minorities in particular has turned from band to worse over each passing day. It is high time the enlightened contemporary internationals community in general and the governments in the leading democracies of the world, such as India (world's largest democracy) and take all appropriate measures to put and end to their current predicament. Lest,  Insaniyat  (Humanity) will never forgive us for our inhuman apathy and total inaction for posterity.   

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