The Indian Church?

The Indian Church?

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“The Indian Church?” by senior journalist Virag Pachpore bares the socio-political agenda of the Western Churches to enter into the socio-cultural system in India. As Joseph Pulikunnel, Director of Indian Institute of Christian Studies, Pala, Kerala, who wrote an enlightening foreword to this book, said “this book is a commendable contribution to the study of colonial manipulation in the name of Jesus of Nazareth.
The author has spent considerable time of his life in the troubled North-eastern region of India studying the various angularities and facets of Christian Missionary activities. The present book is his honest attempt to acquaint the readers with the real scenario vis-à-vis activities of the Christian missionaries. The author has explained with documentary evidences that the activities of these missionaries are a logical continuation of a specific and time bound agenda of establishing a Christian World Order.
The activities of Christian missionaries in India have been a matter of deep concern for the religious, social and political thinkers. Swami Vivekananda, Mahatma Gandhi, Dr. Rajendra Prasad et el have expressed their concerns over the proselytizing activities of the missionaries from time to time sounding a warning bell to the Hindu society.
Pope John Paul II during his visit to India in 1999 appealed the missions to ‘reap a rich harvest of faith from Asian lands’ in the third millennium. The statement of the pontiff attracted severe criticism from nationalist forces-the RSS and VHP leading the criticism. It was then the fifth Sarsanghchalak of RSS late K S Sudarshan propounded the idea of ‘an Indian Church or National Church’ at his Vijayadashmi address in 2000. To the surprise of many, there were many takers amongst the Christians for the RSS leaders’ concept of National Church. Taking a clue from this the author developed and expanded the thought in the present book.

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