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Frequently Asked Questions for Ebooks

What are eBooks?
eBooks are just like regular books except in the electronic format. You can read eBooks from your Android phone or tabletor on windows OS. Ebooks allow you to carry as many books as your device supports, bookmark and make notes digitally. eBooks are currently supported on Android versions 2.2 or higher or windows OS.
How do I buy an eBook from BookBharati?
Ebooks can be bought using credit/debit cards and net banking from website and from eBookBharati's app. Talktime can be used to buy eBooks only from the eBookBharati's app. Cash on delivery is currently not supported for eBooks.
Do I need to login to buy an eBook?
Yes. That’s the only way we can add your purchase to your library. If you have a BookBharati account, please use it to login. Otherwise, you can register yourself from eBookBharati's app or from website.
Can I download a book again? Can I download from different devices?
Using eBookBharati's application you can re-download a book any number of times on a device but you can only download on one device. So if your download fails, don’t worry. Just download it again.
What is My eBook?
The “My eBook” section has a list of all the eBooks you have purchased. You will have to login from your device using the same account you used to purchase a book to see it in your library.

Downloading and Reading the eBook

How can I read the eBooks purchased?
Ebooks can be read in two ways.
You can install the eBookBharati's app available in the Google Play store.
You can read the eBook online and offline using the the eBookBharati's app.
Kindly log in with the same e-mail id via which you have placed the order to read/download an eBook.
You can install eBookBharati's Windows based application and you can read the eBook on Windows OS as well.
From where can I download the eBooks I purchased?
eBooks purchased can be downloaded from theBuy Ebook on the eBookBharati's App and Windows Application.
You can purchase ebooks from Website as well. Kindly log in with the same e-mail id via which you have placed the order to read/download an eBook.
Can I download the same eBook on multiple devices?
No. But you can download the same eBook on windows as well as android version.

Android and Windows App

What is the eBookBharati's App?
The eBookBharati's App enables you to read the eBooks purchased and also purchase new books from your Android-based mobile or tablet device. You can download the app from the Google Play Store, by searching for “ebookBharati”. Alternatively, you can download it from here.
How do I download eBooks using the eBookBharati's App?
From the app, click on the Buy eBook section. If you are connected to the Internet, the list of all eBooks will be available to you. You can purchase book and read instantly.
If you do not see your purchased eBooks in your library, please contact on email to [email protected]
What does the message "This book is already downloaded on other device" mean?
You saw the message "This book is already downloaded on other device" because you have already downloaded this eBook on other device. You can download eBook on one device only.

Troubleshooting FAQ

My payment process got interrupted. What should I do?
Please contact on email to [email protected] to check the status of your payment. In case the payment has been received, we will add the appropriate eBook to your Library.
I am unable to download the eBook from the Library after purchase. What should I do?
Purchased eBooks will reflect in the library when there is an active Internet connection. If you do not see your purchased eBooks in your library, make sure you are connected and click on the My eBooks icon in the library. If your problem persists, please contact [email protected]
OTP Not Received on Mobile Number. What should I do?
Following are the possible reasons –
1)You have not added your mobile number correctly while you are registering yourself.
2)Your registered mobile number is blocked
3)Network Issue
4)Mobile Phone Storage space is not not enough to receive new sms
5)OTP works only within the territory of India and not available for international countries.
Don't Worry
We are sending OTP on your email as well. You can get OTP from your email and validate your device.
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