प्रकाशक : नोशन बूक्स


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उपन्यास: आतंक के विरुद्ध युद्ध  

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लेखक : धर्मवीर पाल  


By author

My purpose of writing this novel is not to demean anyone's religion. There is a call for help as a soldier to protect our Bharat Mata and tiranga in Lakeport. We condemn terrorism links. We will check everything link by link and make sure everything is calm. The enemies of the country, are my dushsahas. Because now our nation has woken up to crush the enemies of humanity and the country. Because my country is burning. My country has been plundered. My country's soldiers are dying. Mothers, sisters, babies are weeping. Then how can I be cool? I have the weight of protecting Bharat Mata on my shoulders. I am crying to protect Bharat Mata. ... 

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