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Vivekananda His Gospel of Man-Making  

This book is an encyclopaedic study of both these aspects - Swamiji's influence on society and the impact of society on him. What sets this work apart form others of the same genre is the commendable effort by its editor to place Swami in the matric of the socio-cultural milieu of the second half of the nineteenth century. The second part of the book, making up one third of the entire work presents a very interesting and comprehensive chronicle  that puts the clock back by century and half. The reader is taken through a fascinating journey from the time of Swamiji’s  appearance on the world scene until his from disappeared from our mortal gaze. We live with Swamiji, taking note of every significant event in his life and at the same time observing major developments in every sphere of human activity- as swamiji himself might have done for he was very much alive to the happenings around him. We are brought face to face with political and religious leaders, savants scientists and so on and weighty happenings in their lives that had hit headlines in those days. It must be admitted, however that the task of spinning a backdrop to swamiji’s role in the world from these diverse bare facts is left to the reader.


 To say this book fabulous is to make an understatement. It is almost the final education on attaining the bliss of self-understanding. There has never been such  a book before and it is unlikely that it will ever be surpassed. Finally it gives one additional bonus : a portfolio of eighty pictures of the Swami ! And those who want to know even more about him are provided with a long list of past publication. But his work surely must be considered the last work on the subject.



Author :swami Jyotirmayanand  


Book Index

 Vivekananda in Pictures

Introduction -1

Vivekananda : His Gospel of Man-making

Vivekananda : On Education and Religion

Vivekananda: The Man and His Mission

A Chronicle of Important Events in the Life and Times of Vivekananda

Vivekananda: A Voice across the Century

Winds of Change : Vivekananda and His Impact on the Western Mind

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