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Seva Patha  

This is an English transalation of the Hindi book ‘Seva Pahta’ authored by Sri  Brajendra Pal Singh. The book is compilation of field experiences relating, to Seva activities in progress all over Bharat, inspired by Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh. While brief formal accounts and official reports are sometimes available, the field experiences detailing the actual unfolding and fulfillment of Seva efforts are rarely to be found From this view point,’ Seva-Patha’is a unique document.

 In view of the value of such documentation especially to social workers, it was felt desirable to make the book available  in English, so that it may reach wider readership.



Author :Brajendra Pal Sigh  


Book Index


1.   Samajik Samarasata

2.   Samajik Samskar

3.   Samajik Suraksha

4.   Samajik Sampannata

5.   Samajik Sangharsh  Sannaddhata

6.   Samajik Seva Siddata

7.   Samagra Basti Vikas

8.   Samagra Gram Vikas

9.  All-round development of Vanvasi Regions


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