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Hard to Remember Difficult to Forget  

Shree Madhav Rao Mehendale is a well educated and trained Swayamsevak of Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh. He worked as full time Pracharak of RSS for four years in Assam region. Then he involved himself in social service through the Leprosy Control Movement of Gandhi Memorial Leprosy foundation for nearly 29 long years. He has authored this book wherein he has recorded an account of his ealy life and experiences as a sangh worker and in the Leprosy Control Movement. In some chapters he has recorded his earlier life and formative period  so nicely, pictured the social life of his village, probably prevailing in all villages in general in those days, how the entire village lived like on family, mutually supporting and sharing the burden of work during special occasions with great pleasure ina a very natual manner. The significant aspect is how th eBharateeya Values of life were inculcated in every villager, young and old, and how they were enlightened through the stories of our great Epics, Puranas etc. during Keerthans and Pravachans by learned person. 

The last chapter regarding RSS connection as a pracharak and subsequently in the Seva Vibhag enlightens every swayamsevak and particularly those who are woking in Seva Vibhag through his practcal model and shared experiences. 


Author :Madhav Mehendale  


Book Index

Index :

Chapter -1 :- Childhood

Chapter -2 :- Education

Chapter -3 : Leprosy and Health Education

Chapter -4 : In Rashtreeya Swayamsevak Sangh

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