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Secrets of RSS-II  

This book is not at all heavy to read or understand. Generally, there is a set format while writing about any organization. Such a book follows a pattern, like when was the organization founded, who was the founder, what is its philosophy, highs and lows of its working, success or failure of the organization to achieve its objective etc. Ratan Sharda has not followed this beaten path…… Author wishes to remove the veil of secrecy around the organization. One has to be careful not to seek permission of the organization about which one wishes to write. Such a writing then becomes propagandist. Ratan Sharda’s book has successfully avoided this trap.He has tried to present Sangh’s philosophy in a different manner. He has quoted Western intellectuals of Ideology extensively. He talks of need for organization for Hindus with different global reference points that give his arguments more weight.


Author :Ratan Sharda  

Book Index

 And many other


I.     RSS & Fight for Democracy during Emergency                                                                                 

II.     Major Defining Moments in Life of RSS                                                                                       



Extracts of RS  Constitution   


III.   What defines  India                

IV.  Need to organize Hindu                                                                                                                 

V.    RSS Prayer and its meaning                                                                                                


VI.     RSS Shakha                                                                                                                               

VII.   Supremacy of Mission over Self  

VIII.  Human Relations  & Management training                                                                                  

IX.    Organizational structure                                                                                                                

X.     Inculcating values and sense of Nationhood through Festivals                                               

Institution of Prachaarak   

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