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Why Hindu Rashtra?  

(H V sheshadri, K S Sudarshan, K Surya Narayan Rao, Prof Balraj Madhok, Bala Saheb Deoras)

Indian history emphatically declares that Hindusthan i.e. India is a Hindu Rashtra. But it is an irony of time and fate that a section of persons considered intellectuals or progressive and the so-called secularist politicians in India do not admit this reality so easily and ingenuously, as it should have been.

This is an unfortunate controversy. Suruchi Prakashan comes out with this book-let consisting of research-articles of eminent persons of the society. This book will prove helpful in withering away the clouds of doubts from the sky of our nation  over this most important and basic point.


Author :Compilation  


Book Index

1. Why Hindu Rashtra? (K S Sudarshan)
2. The Concept of Hindu Rashtra (K Surya Narayan Rao)
3. Welcome: Debate on Hindu Rashtra (H V Seshadri)
4. Minorities Problem and its Solution (Balraj Madhok)
5. Shri Bala Saheb Deoras replies

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